Carlisle College BYOD Network Guide

1: Install the Trusted Certificate

In order to properly use our BYOD network you must first install the trusted certificate using the link below: Please make sure if prompted for a location (usually IE users) ,that it is installed in the 'Trusted Root Certifications Authorities'. If you require any assisitance at all, please refer to the more detailed guide.

View Certificate Install guide.

2: Make sure your Internet Proxy settings are set to Auto detect.

!! Please Note: The majority of people who use their laptops for personal use will not have to change any of these settings as they will already be set to auto by default. Mobile devices by default are not generally configured to look for proxy services. So this guide is mainly aimed at mobile devices users.

View Proxy Settings guide.

Once you have installed the certificate and set the correct proxy settings. You Should be able to navigate away from this page and succesfully use the internet.

Agreement : By connecting to the BYOD wireless network and installing the trusted HTTPS certificate, the user will be deemed to accept and abide by the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy. (AUP)

..... View Acceptable Use Policy